HELP: The Game is a project which brings together the top developers, studios and gaming industry superstars – all to raise money for children in war.

Originally announced in September 2015, the HELP: THE GAME were built during game jams, with each of the 11 participating dev studios or teams dedicating six days to creating an original game. The participating studios are: Bossa Studios, Creative Assembly, Curve Digital, Hardlight, Modern Dream, Rovio Sweden AB, Spilt Milk Studios, Sports Interactive, Sumo Digital, Team 17 and Torn Banner.

  • Anthelion (Rovio Sweden AB): Super simple mechanic, but highly challenging game play with endless levels that will keep you entertained for hours!
  • 10 Minute Tower (team17): With a little imagination you can be anything… A mighty Robot… a brave Knight… even… an Astronaut? 10 Minute Tower is a unique tile-based puzzle game that will get your cogs whirring as you take control of a day-dreaming child adventurer trapped within a tower.
  • BlockAid (Hardlight): Provide safe passage to a never ending stream of pawns by placing blocks themed around protection, education and livelihood in this minimalistic puzzler.
  • Octamari Rescue (Sumo Digital): Save the loveable Octamari from their dying home world in this fast paced and fun match 3 puzzle game.
  • Rise (Creative Assembly): Experience our music-driven platform adventure and aim for the highest score! You can even use your own music! Go on a metaphysical journey to the sky and beyond collecting war letters for a loved one.
  • Splash Bash (Rovio Swededn AB): Splash Bash is a hectic local multiplayer brawler, where up to 4 players tries to bash each other into the water using physics based gameplay!
  • Malkia (Sports Interactive): Where there’s life, there’s hope… Malkia is a unique real-time strategy game set in the fictional Central African country of Kovi, where you help the eponymous hero to grow her business so that she can put food on the family’s table and educate her children.
  • Nevermine (Torn Banner): A ball rolling game where you guide a Mine Kafon onto unexploded bombs left over around a countryside.
  • Savana (Modern Dream): Savana is a narrative point and click game where you play as a young girl from a remote village. The narration of the game tells different story lines from a real life experience of growing up in Mozambique.
  • A Verdant Hue (Spilt Milk Studios): A single screen, farming game, as an orphan who’s survived recent attacks and is determined to bring back some life to his family farm.
  • Emily: Displaced (Bossa Studios): A choice-based visual novel about a child affected by war

Supporting Studios & Partners

Sports Interactive Logo
"I think the game represented everything we wanted to do for War Child.

Our goal is to give the player the best non-violence experience with high replay-ability while exploring the music based genre. We also wanted the game to have a personal touch by letting the player use his own music."
- Aik (Wittawat Keawcharoen), Beat detection and a general programmer

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