What is Armistice?

Armistice is an annual charity gaming fundraiser encouraging peaceful gameplay in support of children affected by war. Since 2016, it has raised over $700,000 and been supported by eighteen of the largest conflict and war themed games in the world. Join Children in Conflict in November to raise funds to support children affected by war today.


We wanted to make a game that goes beyond traditional entertainment. With that in mind, working together with War Child UK made a lot of sense. Bringing more fun to everyone is the mission of Bandai Namco Entertainment but we know that “fun” can be a privilege that many can’t afford. We hope the 11-11: Memories Retold charity DLC [downloadable content] will help War Child accomplish more today while it also reminds everyone about the human realities of being drawn into conflict.
- Lionel Lovisa | Director of IP Creation | Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe
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